KB10 Nano Art “Networked” (L0004)

kamado B10 Nano Art “Networked” (L0004) – The authentic kamado

The KB10 Nano Art “Networked” (L0004) is part of our Signature Collection and was hand-painted by Rainer Hoffelner, a German artist, with great attention to detail. This unique KB10 is characterised by its little black ink men that are dancing on an ivory background, connected with each other.

The kamado B10 is the only kamado that is still made by hand according to ancient Japanese tradition. It combines versatility regarding preparation methods, German craftsmanship, unique design and pure enjoyment.

The KB10 Nano is a real space-saving miracle and was specially designed for small cooking areas or the space on the balcony or boat. If an appropriate extraction system is available, the small KB10 can also be integrated into the home kitchen. Despite its size, it offers enough space so that you can let your imagination fly when grilling, cooking, smoking or baking.

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The kamado B10 Nano is made from clay in our factory in Ebersbach an der Fils near Stuttgart according to ancient Japanese tradition. Our experienced potters craft every single piece of clay on the potter’s wheel by hand.
In contrast to other materials, clay has special properties due to its porous structure. It stores heat, moisture and flavour optimally and renders all meals a pleasure thanks to the characteristic, slightly smoky taste of a traditional clay kamado. The KB10 is one of those products that get even better with every use.

The kamado B10 is a real all-rounder when it comes to the variety of preparation options. The temperature inside can be easily regulated with its two valves, so that smoking can be started at around 50 °C. It cooks gently for hours, especially in the low temperature range at approx. 70-90 °C, so that the moisture, flavour and colour of the food are retained. Nevertheless, it reaches temperature ranges with which you are able to grill a steak within a few minutes, prepare wok dishes or bake pizza and bread.

Furthermore the kamado B10 brand stands for sustainability: we only use materials and components from selected German suppliers to manufacture the KB10. This is how we combine regionality with the highest quality standards. The kamado B10 is made for a long life and will accompany you for decades if you take good care of it.

We do not use harmful substances during production and work primarily with natural materials such as clay, wood or wool felt.
Due to its very low consumption of charcoal of only 500 g maximum, the KB10 Nano is one of the most efficient charcoal grills on the market.

The KB10 is not only a versatile and sustainable “cooking device”, but also scores with its aesthetic, puristic design, which was inspired by the principle of Japanese minimalism. The KB10 Nano Art “Networked” (L0004) is part of our Signature Collection, which has been hand-painted by artists with great attention to detail. This unique KB10 was designed by the German artist Rainer Hoffelner.

You can recognize Rainer Hoffelner’s pictures always and everywhere by the little ink men that he draws into them with fine lines and that always appear as if they were dancing or practicing gymnastic exercises.
His males do this not only nationally but worldwide – exhibitions at Art Palm Beach, Art Innsbruck, Art Miami or Beijing speak for themselves – even on the walls of Australia his pictures have made it.

The template for the design of this kamado was his work with the title “Networked” – since barbecuing “connects” it was only logical that his males also hog our kamados.

The kamado B10 Nano is delivered fully assembled so that we can guarantee the best possible function. After setting up at its destination, you can start cooking and enjoying immediately.

Features of kamado B10 Nano Art:

  • Body, lid, fire box, fire ring and cole grid hand made from clay
  • 2-part valve at the lid made of cast aluminium
  • Bottom valve and lock rings with hinge made of stainless steel
  • Wooden handle
  • 3 separate feet hand made from clay
  • Cooking grate optionally made of untreated steel or stainless steel
  • Ash remover with spring handle made of stainless steel




Approx. 63 cm (including feet)


Approx. 45 cm

Inner diameter

Approx. 34 cm


Approx. 45 kg


clay, stainless steel, aluminium, wood

Maximum amount of charcoal

500 g

Maximum cooking time

6 to 10 hours

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