Cooking Pot Holder

This holder for cooking pots is specially designed for the KB10 Nano. It keeps your cooking pots in position and makes you prepare delicious stews and casserole dishes as well as soup and even mulled wine.

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35,00 incl. VAT


This holder made of stainless steel keeps your cooking pots in position inside the KB10 Nano.

Remove the cooking grate and hook the holder into the fire ring of your kamado. Then place a cooking pot with a maximum diameter of 24 cm inside the holder. Your KB10 Nano will allow cooking pots with a maximum height of 21 cm.

This quality product made in Germany will help you prepare tasty stew and casserole dishes as well as soups and hot beverages with ease. Thanks to its spacious dimensions big pots can be used to cook for a lot of hungry persons.


SizeFor KB10 Nano
Material(s)stainless or untreated steel
Maximum pot diameter
Maximum pot height
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