Cooking Grate

Our stable and robust cooking grates are specially made for the KB10 Grande and KB10 Nano. They are available in two different materials – stainless steel or untreated steel.



Our cooking grates for the KB10 Grande and the KB10 Nano are available in two different versions – either made of stainless steel or made of untreated steel.

The shiny stainless steel grates can be washed using water and dish detergent.

The steel grates are not chromium-plated and thus completely untreated. They are delivered pre-lubricated with cooking oil and will develop a patina right from the first use. Untreated steel offers an optimum heat conduction compared to other materials.

Please do not wash the untreated steel grates. Intense dirt can be brushed off easily.


DiameterApprox. 32 cmApprox. 51 cm
Material(s)stainless or untreated steelstainless or untreated steel
Weight2 kg3 kg
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