Kamado B10 Art Grande

This is the Kamado B10 Art Grande. Test

Included with this purchase are:

  • A wooden stand for the Kamado
  • Three feet for the Kamado B10 Art Grande to stand on in the color of the Kamado
  • An olive sheet to cover the Kamado B10 and protect it from vegetation
  • etc



kamado B10 Grande

Our KB10 Grande offers a lot of space for letting your imaginations fly. Cook a dinner for 2 or delicious dishes for 20 persons. Become the chef de cuisine at home and delight your family and friends with a unique dining experience.


kamado B10 Nano

Our KB10 Nano is specially designed for small spaces. It is a real space saver and especially suitable for small cooking places and use on the balcony. Nevertheless it offers enough space for letting your imagination fly.

Use it as a kitchen device and cook delicious dishes. Become the chef de cuisine at home and delight your loved ones with a unique dining experience.

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