Technical Data Sheet

kamado B10 hand made in Germany


  • Body / lid / fire box / fire ring / cole grid / feet: made of clay
  • Cooking grate: made of untreated steel
  • Lock rings with handle (wood) and hinge / supply air valve at the bottom / ash remover: made of stainless steel
  • Exhaust valve at the lid: made of cast aluminium

Outer Surface

  • High-tech paint resistant to high temperatures, UV light and discolouration
  • Shiny texture that even keeps its appearance during rainy weather, frost and heat
  • Clean using a moist cloth


Double-walled structure thanks to the fire box and fire ring inside the body for optimal storage of heat (“thermos effect”)

Operating Principle

  • Heat surrounds the food from all sides thanks to the closed atmosphere
  • The surface of the food closes due to the surrounding heat which keeps moisture and juices inside, giving foodstuff an appealing colour and unique flavour

Temperature Control

Easy regulation of the temperature within the KB10 by setting the 2 valves (one at the bottom and one at the lid)

Combustion Material

Charcoal or charcoal briquettes:

  • Max. 1500 g for the KB10 Grande (which lasts more than 8 hours)
  • Max. 500 g for the KB10 Nano (which lasts more than 6 hours)

Material for Smoking

For this purpose we recommend using:

  • Smoking woods: chunks and chips of different types of timbers
  • Herbs: rosemary, laurel, thyme, junipers, lavender etc.
  • Different types of spices

Selecting the correct Size

  • KB10 Grande: designed for 2-10 persons (but also can be used to cook for up to 20 persons)
  • KB10 Nano: designed for 1-4 persons (but also can be used to cook for up to 8 persons)

Selecting the Location

The KB10 generates only little smoke and thus is suitable for use:

  • In galleries / corridors
  • On patios / terraces
  • On balconies
  • In outdoor kitchens
  • In indoor kitchens in case the construction conditions enable safe use (only if compliant with local fireplace ordinance)


Designed to last for a lifetime: can even be passed on to next generations, if treated well


  • Manufactured by hand according to ancient Japanese tradition
  • Developed in Argentina
  • Refined and hand made in Germany
  • All materials and components sourced from German suppliers

The Versatility

The KB10 is not only a barbecue. It can also be used as an oven, stove or smoker, either with a cooking grate, wok or cooking pot. 

All types of dishes can be cooked with the KB10 – meat, fish, vegetables, bread, pizza, desserts and many, many more.

It allows for many different types of food preparation by simply setting the 2 valves:

  • Very slow cooking: clay oven style – cooking for more than 4 hours
  • Slow cooking: mix of clay oven and barbecue style – cook time about 2 hours
  • Fast cooking: barbecue style – cook time 15-20 minutes
  • Fast cooking: stove style – for a wok, pan or paella pan
  • Smoking food using all kinds of smoke woods, herbs or spices

The Quality

We at kamado B10 Germany live up to the highest quality standards:

  • All clay components are carefully hand made by experienced potters in our plant nearby Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Il composto di argilla, così come tutte le altre parti, provengono da fornitori tedeschi e soddisfano i più elevati standard di qualità.
  • The production of kamado B10 is environmentally friendly.
  • The KB10 comes completely assembled for an optimal performance and is ready to use after unboxing and putting in the desired place.?

The Clay Material

  • The porosity of the special clay compound stores the flavour of the grillables and passes it on to the next barbecue. Dishes cooked in the KB10 therefore gain a unique flavour that becomes more intensive with every use.
  • The clay material stores heat in an excellent way and so helps to reduce the amount of charcoal used per barbecue (only max. 500 g in the KB10 Nano and max. 1500 g in the KB10 Grande).
  • Thanks to this heat conservation the KB10 uses only few air to work. Therefore there is almost no change in humidity inside the oven which means that all grillables can keep their juices, moisture and colour and thus also their flavour.
  • Clay is a sustainable material and so environmentally friendly.

The Shape

  • The shape of the KB10 with its double-walled body excellently stores heat and helps to reduce the amount of charcoal needed.
  • Due to its lid the heat inside the KB10 surrounds the grillables from all sides and ?closes? their surface so that juices and moisture remain inside the grillables. Only little fat can leak out and drip into the embers which reduces the smoke and smell emission to a minimum.
  • The spacious cooking area and lid offer enough room for food preparation for several persons.
  • Due to its lid which offers a closed barbecuing area the KB10 can be used as an outdoor kitchen device at all seasons and in all weathers (when protected from the rain).
  • The closed lid widely reduces the risk of open fire and flying sparks during windy weather conditions.

The Design

  • Each and every single KB10 is completely hand made and thus a unique item.
  • It is branded with our logo and its own serial number and is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity and a limited lifetime warranty for all parts made of clay (except for the cole grid).
  • Due to its puristic design and its handcrafted geometrical pattern at the surface the KB10 is more than a barbecue. It is an outstanding design element in every location.
  • For those who wish to have a KB10 painted by an artist, we recommend our Art series with its hand-painted MU and MoMA design. Or ask us for an offer for your customized KB10 hand-painted according to your wishes. ?
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