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What is a kamado?

kamado B10 hand made in Germany

A real KAMADO It is a traditional Japanese barbecue or oven made of special refractory clay, handmade, designed to cook with a wide range of temperatures and keep them constant for long periods of time.
Its two openings allow precise control over the temperature, allowing you to cook from lean meats to delicate fish, steam, roast over low heat or even bake homemade bread without the need to use conventional ovens.
And the most important thing is that it generates very little smoke and consumes very little coal, which makes it an ally for the terrace or kitchen.

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Our kamado grill

A Kamado for every need

Create unique flavors
with your kamado barbecue

Exceptional design,
top quality materials
and a millennial tradition

Still not sure?

The secrets of the original kamado
are waiting for you.

With your kamado, you will discover a new world of flavors, aromas, colors and textures.

You will have a barbecue + clay oven + smoker, which will become your first choice when looking to delight your family and friends.

Still not sure?

The secrets of the real kamado
are waiting for you.

With your kamado B10 barbecue, you will discover a new world of flavors.

You will have a barbecue + clay oven + smoker, which will become your first choice when looking to delight your family and friends.

Created by those who know the most about real clay kamados

Benefits of a handmade clay kamado

Authenticity B10​

It is the only and original authentic “kamado” in the world.

Because? According to Japanese tradition, it has to be made of clay and by hand in order to be called a “kamado”.

Clay with chamote is a natural material that cannot be machined. That is why each piece of our products is made by hand.

It is this material, so specific, that gives the unique qualities to the product that our clients enjoy in the result of their meals. With aromas, flavors, colors and textures that are unique


Our handmade kamado works with enveloping heat that “seals” the surface of food, retaining juices, colors, and flavors.

In addition, the material has the ability to “Breathe” thus maintaining constant humidity inside the vault, making the food cook with all its juices, colors, vitamins and flavors.

It is also possible to smoke food using different types of wood, herbs and spices.

The original handmade clay kamado  allows gentle cooking at very low temperatures, around 70°C and even below, as well as cooking at temperatures up to 300°C.


In the kamado  Nano are only 500 gr. charcoal needed, and in the Large 1.5 kg. It lights easily and reaches working temperature in a maximum of 15 minutes. It is not necessary to add charcoal during the barbecue, nor to constantly supervise it.

The temperature is controlled simply by regulating its two valves. Closing both valves will put out the fire and slowly cool down your kamado B10.

It is very important to understand that a kamado is not the same as a ceramic barbecue.
Our kamado needs much less coal as it uses energy very efficiently.

The regulation valves will be 100% open only in 15 min. initial ignition, then the rule is 1.5 cm openings above and below for most cooking

Little Smoke

This is the best barbecue for terraces, patios and even kitchens, thanks to the fact that it emits very little smoke.

Its minimal and efficient use of charcoal means that the emission of smoke is, in many cases, imperceptible

In addition, there is no risk of sparks or embers, wind, rain or snow do not affect it in the least. Safety first!

As the special clay material has the ability to breathe, the moisture inside the oven is conserved and not lost, making the juices stay on the food and not on the charcoal, this also produces much less smoke as there is less evaporation.

kamado B10 Art

Customize your kamado

Faberge’s legacy in true Culinary Art.

At kamado B10 Germany, design and customization are paramount to all of our decisions, which is why we work alongside renowned local artists to design your new, one-of-a-kind B10 Art together with you.

They will create a work of art according to your needs, which you will complete every time you cook.

Our company policy is that the extra work of painting our products by an artist is paid 100% to the artist !!

This is how culinary ART really evolves!

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