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Taste unique flavours with every meal you prepare

Unique Flavours

Like no other grill, the kamado B10 gives your food a unique taste, your personal note

We are Bio

Consciously made in Germany from sustainable materials, sourced from regional suppliers.

Customize your KB10

Signature Collection.
Your design. Your artist.
One of a kind.

A long History.

The story of kamado B10 began in Argentina in the year 1994. There the first KB10 was made by hand from start to finish, after several years of development.

Years later, kamado B10 Germany opened its doors to finally bring the world’s best kamado to Europe – hand made to perfection according to traditional Japanese technique.

Unique flavours, easily.

Achieve unique Flavours, easily.

The KB10 is not just an ordinary ceramic grill. Thanks to the characteristics of its special clay compound, the KB10 is able to cook at extremely low temperatures (but also high temperatures, if desired). And it gives your dishes a unique flavour. You will know what we are talking about once you have enjoyed food made in a KB10.

Use it as a barbecue, smoker, oven or even a stove. Cook delicious dishes, bake bread, pizza or even a cake and share it with family and friends. Benefit from endless possibilities!

Sustainability at its Best.

We take sustainability very seriously. Here is why:

 We manufacture each and every KB10 in a small plant in the South of Germany and source all materials and components locally to support the domestic industry.

 We use sustainable materials and components and manufacture in an eco-friendly way by avoiding the use of hazardous substances, saving energy and generating only little waste.

 We offer the most efficient kamado in terms of charcoal consumption. The KB10 Nano uses max. 500 g, the KB10 Grande max. 1,500 g of charcoal lasting for hours of cooking.

Join the change. Join the kamado B10 family.

Bio 100%.

Hand made in Germany.

Made for Life.

We at kamado B10 Germany live up to the highest quality standards: All clay components are carefully hand made by experienced potters in our plant nearby Stuttgart, Germany.

The clay compound as well as all other parts are thoroughly sourced from German suppliers and meet the highest standards in quality.

When treated well, the KB10 will be a one-time purchase and last for a lifetime or even longer. 

Meet the KB10

kamado B10 Grande

kamado B10 Nano

Customize your KB10

Make your kamado an artwork. Get an artist paint your KB10 to match your style.

We offer 3 types of customized KB10s:

 • Personalized: choose an individual colour or even get an artist paint the kamado in the style of your choice

• Signature: series of unique KB10 designs hand painted by our artists

• Branded: get your company logo hand painted on the kamado (ideal for restaurants, hotels or corporate gifts)

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